Saturday, 8 May 2010

Stupid People Get The Government They Deserve!

Deary Deary me!  Again the people of Scotland have been scared and conned into voting for Labour to keep the Tories out - only as usual it does not work!

How do these people think that Scotland with a population of 5 million is ever going to outvote England with a population of 50 million?

If they do not want Tory policies then why have they voted Labour who have privatised more public services than even Thatcher ever did., including disgracefully the Helicopter Search and Rescue  service, and would have privatised even more like the Royal Mail had they got back in.  It must be really stupid people who voted for Labour the party that has got the UK into the bankrupt shambles that it is in.  It must also be really stupid people who believe the Labour party when they say it was a global problem when all the evidence points to them - the UK being first in and last, and still not out, when everyone else is - being one example.

All these cuts and tax rises when they come will be Labour cuts and tax rises - it does not matter what party it is that implements them.  They have already been cutting the Scottish budget and blaming the Scottish government for the cuts.  I have been speaking to some of these really stupid Labour voters who are worried about losing their Winter Fuel Allowance etc, people who are too stupid to realise that Labour paid for these things with crazy amounts of debt and that if they do lose them it was because Labour could not pay for them in the first place.  These same people are also too stupid to realise that Scotland is awash with gas and electricity and as a result our prices should be low but because these same stupid people are happy to let English-funded and run parties govern us as part of the UK we are paying through the nose to subsidise much lower prices for the south of England.  The same goes for our petrol prices.

How these stupid people think that voting for an English-funded and run party like Labour, or the Lib-Dems or Tories, is going to be the best for them at Westminster I do not know.  These Scottish MP's are quite happy to do nothing at Westminster but interfere in English matters, quite happy to lie and con the Scottish people to keep their lazy snouts in the Westminster trough. Are these people too stupid to realise that they read mostly English-owned papers and watch English media promoting English-funded and run parties at the expense of their own?

The 50 Scottish Labour MP's did nothing for Scotland during the Thatcher years but quite happily get rich off the back of their electorate and now we have a new feeble 41 who will be carrying on this Labour tradition while their electorate suffer.  It was this English-funded Labour party that did the dirty on Scotland in 1979 and then had the cheek to blame the SNP for voting with the Tories and these same stupid people are too stupid to see how they have been continually conned regarding this!

This Labour government has been the worst,  most dishonest,  government the country has ever had - even going to the extent of murdering their own citizens in the London Bombings in order to justify their draconian laws and wars.

It is these people who voted for English-funded and run parties and want to stay part of the UK that will have got us a Tory government.  Stupid people get the government they deserve!


tris said...

I've just found this blog.... through you commenting on mine. Wish I had earlier.

Great post... yu're dead right. Stupid people with their daft fixed ideas... "the Labour party's the workin' man's party so it is..."

No it's not, you nobs. If it were it might have given money to that wee fund that lost all its money and left kids without Christmas presents, whereas what it did was put £100 billion into broke banks and not get a guarantee that they wouldn't go and do the same thing all over again.

God knows, some people in Scotland are no half thick

Billy said...

Hi Tris,

Just spotted this comment and you are correct in what you say...The trouble is the stupid politicians are wanting the banks to go potty with the loans again as that is all they moan about.

The country has collapsed with debt and they want them to dish out even more?