Tuesday, 21 September 2010

It Seems Most Of The Politicians In Scotland Of All Parties Show Contempt For The Electorate!

Just over a week ago I went to Paisley Sheriff Court to see the latest pre-hearing for the fraud case involving the now ex-Labour Councillor Tommy Williams. Councillor Terry Kelly was also there with Councillor Williams - both employed by the tax-payers I might add! Now Tommy Williams had been a phantom worker for the last twenty odd years for Glasgow Council Social Work on about £30,000 per year whilst working full time for Renfrewshire Council as a councillor. The Labour party have known all this time about this situation with regard to Councillor Williams as it was reported to them by other members decades ago and they did nothing about it. Did they gain from this and who is paying for Councillor Williams QC?

It appears Councillor Williams likes wasting tax-payers money as, not only has he pleaded not guilty six times but, seemingly he has asked the court six times for the case to be carried over asking for extra time, one of these because his daughter was graduating,  and has now lost the services of one QC because of his ignoring of his advice. Apparently the Sheriff was getting a little impatient at Councillor Williams time-wasting games!

Now you would think that most people would be raging at someone who has ripped off pensioners, patients, tax-payers etc of hundreds of thousands of pounds but no - it seems that Councillor Terry Kelly was there to support Councillor Williams rather than his electorate as he was huddled up deep in conversation with him for most of the day. Anyone who has voted for these two Labour Councillors then this just shows the contempt they hold for you!

Funnily enough I also saw Councillor Terry Kelly outside the car park entrance to Renfrewshire Council talking to a Gary Pearson  who had this mobile bill poster parked across the road:

The wording on this poster highlights an internet site which appears to be extracts from the files of a well-known actvist relating to this and other to be revealed fraudulent acts - Some machinators have been identified in the minutes on the internet site highlighted on the mobile bill poster and perhaps when those other files are released it may identify other machinators involved in this affair.

Of course this is something else that Councillor Kelly, with quivering lips, claims not to know anything about yet on his blog he claims to be knowledgeable about everything - the usual it wisnae me mister. Well the rumour on the street is that ex-councillor Burns spilt the beans on the rest of them to be left alone to retire with his pay-off.
It seems most of the politicians in Scotland of all parties show contempt for the electorate!

PS Councillor Tommy Williams appears at Paisley Sheriff Court on the 5th October for a 7th diet hearing where he will have a 7th opportunity to confirm his not-guilty plea. The trial will be on the 18th October and with 31 witnesses is expected to last about four days. Hopefully justice will prevail for the people!


Allan said...

Gary Pearson was a candidate at the general election. Anyone who saw him at the ecconomy debate two night's before the third "leaders" debate can only have been bemused at the complexity of his beef with elected polititians. He seemed so fixated on his reason for being there that he forgot that it was an ecconomy debate he was at.

At least he didn't come across as some sort of clown like Paul Mack.

Anonymous said...

Sir, I am shocked to the core, Mr Williams was supposed to have worked for Glasgow City Council's Social Work Dept, my Mother was supposed to have had a visit from him, he never ever showed up, I would phone the Pollok office and when I mentioned his name the phone would go quiet, I would ask "is Mr Williams available" the answer " well we are not supposed to talk about this, I can't say" what sort of Council is Glasgow City, Did Mr Willaims work for Glasgow City Council or was he working full time for Renfrewshire Council.

I look forward to any information.

Anonymous said...

Allen’s comment, regarding my question at the public debate, I asked the same question to MSP Wendy Alexander 3 times before she answered. The question was, did you know Renfrewshire Council had an illegal housing policy for 20 years. She eventually answered when the rest of the candidates and audience harassed her to answer the question. Remember, she said no!

I was aware that the debate was originally to be kept to the economy, in that vein I felt it was not out with that scope to ask the question. Considering the outing of the illegal housing policy, may, lead to a mass of court cases that will seriously impinge Renfrewshire Council’s ability to function. Renfrewshire Council may be the first council in Scotland to be declared bankrupt.

I will remind readers that Wendy Alexander said she did not know anything about Renfrewshire Council’s Illegal housing policy at all, and witnessed by all at the debate. Well Wendy what have you got to say for yourself? Will you blame Jim Sheridan; he was a serving councillor and an MP at the same time. Clearly he knew of the illegal housing policy too.

How far up the ladder it goes will be revealed so keep your eyes on www.holyroodexposed.com to find out who is the next big name exposed.


Gary Pearson.

Anonymous said...

Hi Billy
How do we know that the claimed Monitoring Officer report letter seen in www.holyroodexposed is authentic?

Billy said...


I was not at, nor was I aware that the debate was on at the time you say, but became aware of it after the event.

I also had never met or spoke to Gary until I noticed his bill-poster outside Renfrewshire Council and went up to speak to him to see what it was all about. I see he has commented on what he said during the debate so I will leave the final words on that to him.

As for it being a debate on the economy what a laugh - what would any of the speakers that were present know about the economy? Economists are clowns who give their opinions on the economy and none of them can agree so what did you expect from some second-rate politicians.

Don't forget the economy is in a shambles because of a politician, Brown, who thought he was an expert.

Billy said...

Anonymous 22 September 2010 11:01

Would not surprise me what you say. From what I have been told people were phoning the same place as you say and the people there did not even know who Tommy Williams was or that there was no one working there with that name. Then again he was claiming for being at Renfrewshire Council full time with documentary proof.

Billy said...

Gary Pearson

I think you have answered Allan's comment better than I ever could and I look forward to the names of the guilty parties coming out - Then again it is beginning to look like who is not guilty of crooked goings on in Renfrewshire Council.

Billy said...

Anonymous 23 September 2010 17:19

I'm sure a judge and prosecution will be able to verify the authenticity of the Monitoring Officer Report Letter when it reaches that stage.

Anonymous said...

I work in Renfrewshire house and know that the claim on Mr Pearsons trailor is 100% correct.
I will be contacting Mr Pearson to give him more documents/proof of the councils illegality.
Many of my other co/workers who have accepted redundancy are going to do the same.

Unsatisfied and bullied council worker.

Anonymous said...

Moral in the Council is low, around 700 posts will go this year and the next and the next, could one may ask you what Mr Mark Ferguson is doing, apart from feeding his fat face, nothing much, cuddling up to Derek McKay, the boay who would be king, and having his picture taken with Celia Lawson, the Peoples Princess.

The fat olde Queen, no not Drew Gibson, Ferguson, is doing nothing to help the staff that he allegedly represents, big bolde Mark is the Unison Rep for Renfrewshire Council, and alas he spends most days gossiping with the likes of Drew Gibson, the Councils official fairy Queen, .

I just hope the staff remembers big bold Marky as he drives out of the Council's car park dripping with gold, while the staff leave with a Polly poke.


Anonymous said...

Figures given to us in the know will get you odds on, the council know the real figures show the financial budget shortfall before they issued the £75 million claim. Published in recent litriture, the real figure is £90 million, sterling, not euros, just in case our beloved tyrants claim , they were now issuing workers with woring figures in euros.

The loonatics have taken over the asylum one should wonder.

PS rumour has it all Councils are going to open schools for four days yes 4 days a week.

Renfrewshire council is full of self serving Councilors who have no charachter to demand our constititional rights be observed, even to simply report a crime.

The officials are no better at the upper echalons machinators in cronyism, nepatism and conspiricy to run the council out with the law, over every department I have had the displearure to require to have to come in to contact with.

Most of the officials hide behind secrataries instead of answering us Citizens of Renfrewshire when we seek redress.

I challenge Mr David Martin to deny the allegation written on the trailor. even comment on the aspect of the councils understanding of deliberatly ignoring the law. We humble citizens would be summoned to court to answer serious chages if we as much as breach any mental by law it MAY excercise upon us. legal or not!

Gary Pearson

keeping it real.

Anonymous said...

I am taking this time to tell you about one of your politicians, I see many of you think Gary Pearson is out to help you, well let me tell you what kind of Man you are dealing with, a Man that looks out for him self, Gary Pearson may appear to be fighting a cause for you, but I am here to let you know Gary Pearson looks out for only one person, that person is him self, there is always an alternative motive for Gary Pearson.
Gary Pearson is the Father of 3 Children two here and one over seas in Canada. and while Gary is living in his 2 Million house, and driving his flashy cars he never once paid support for any of the 3 children he has, I am a Pal of one of the Mums and I think it is a disgrace what Gary G Pearson is doing to his Children, He pleads poverty when it comes to paying up for what is the right thing to do, He is a Man of all talk and no action when it comes to his financial obligations, and if you try to push the Man into paying, he just gets his back up and tell the stories of how he would like to help but at this time its not feasible. his children have done without his help for years now, I know writing this is not going to help but I can not stand to look in a paper and see that he is putting his energy into helping others when he has denied the financial help that his children need.. I will go for now and hope at least one person stands up and realizes what kind of person Gary Pearson is, and when he is out looking for votes you can tell him to go home and look after his family.. I might not have the right to speak out like this, but I have been Pals with one of the mums since the day her baby was born and I have seen the struggle it has been to put food on the table for the wee one, so I could just Imagine how it has been for the other two Mums.
Thank you for letting me vent this way hope Gary Pearson reads this. and if your a Mum stand up for these 3 Children Please