Monday, 5 November 2012

30,000 Kids Disappear Every Year In The UK. Paedophilia, The Problem Is The Politicians - The Solution Is The Politicians!

What rubbish we are seeing in the Media and Press with regard to the Jimmy Savile abuse and paedophile scandal as if it is just a few celebrities and maybe one Tory in Number 10 with a Labour MP, Tom Watson, trying to make some political mileage with that one as if his party somehow does not have paedophiles of its own, and maybe a lot of other ordinary people being involved as well.

The fact is paedophilia is rife at the top - all the way up to the royals - and especially in the political parties. As I have posted on a previous post the Labour and Tory parties put a 100 year secrecy order on the Dunblane shootings for one reason only - to cover up for senior politicians in their party and other high up people in Scotland being involved in paedophilia. You also have the Labour party covering up for senior politicians again in their party being involved in paedophilia in the case of Operation Ore where they put a clamp on that operation. You also have the fact that members of the Labour party here in Renfrewshire were using council houses that "disappeared" off the council list for rent boys and paedophilia as I have posted on another post below which led to the suicide of one of the Mp's involved.

Watch the following video of the excellent online news show UK Column Live to see how high up this shocking and rife problem is:

What is even more shocking is that paedophilia is used to blackmail politicians, police, judges etc to do what the elite want them to do plus the fact that 30.000 children DISAPPEAR in the UK every year. Watch the following video by Alex Jones at Infowars interviewing Brian Gerrish of Uk Column Live to learn more about these very shocking facts:

The reason paedophilia is rife in this country, and elsewhere, is the politicians of ALL parties. As you can read below with regard to the Holly Greig case here in Scotland ALL of the party leaders are aware of this case and SILENCE. People being silent and doing nothing are just as guilty as the person carrying out this despicable crime. The solution to this paedophile problem is the politicians - the trouble is they are too stupid to realise that their parties are controlled by the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS who are using them to set up a New World Order - a One World Government, a One World Bank, and a One World Currency - with them, the BANKERS and GLOBALISTS in control and not THEM the politicians.

This post is going to be emailed to every Scottish MP and MSP to highlight all of the above, to ask them to get off their backsides and demand the secrecy order on the Dunblane shootings be scrapped and the guilty brought to justice and for the guilty to be brought to justice in the Hollie Greig case. It will also be forwarded to Richplanet TV, UK Column Live and Alex Jones at Infowars to let them know that every one of these politicians has received it and is aware of these scandals and will notify them and you who does and does not reply.

  • 30,000 kids disappear every year in the UK. Paedophilia, the problem is the politicians - the solution is the politicians!

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