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Better Together? How the People Are Being Robbed Of ALL Of Their Wealth And Resources By The Elites And The Labour, Tory And Lib-Dem Parties! The Real Reason These Scum Are Gunning For WW3!

My how the people of Scotland, like the rest of the country and world, have been conned by the corrupt Elites and their CONTROLLED puppets in the Labour, Tory and Lib- Dem parties and Press and Media into being "Better Together" when in fact the country is bankrupt and in massive debt because these Elites and many members of these three political parties are stealing and laundering £Hundreds of Billions out of YOUR pensions, the banks and the country's treasury, just like they are doing to all of the other countries DELIBERATELY in order to bring in their New World Order dictatorship. Westminster and the House of Lords are also being used by members of these political parties to run scam companies that are involved in the massive frauds that are laundering all of your money into these crooked politicians, bankers etc off-shore accounts - every time they start a war or bomb "terrorists" in other countries they are scamming £billions of your money into off-shore accounts. This is the real reason that the corrupt crooked William Hague and other members of the government bailed out when Professor George Lees etc - see videos below - resigned from the government because of their heavy involvement of these scams.

The joke is ALL of these political party leaders are either involved in these scams or are deliberately covering them up and then have the gall to go about the country spewing out their drivel that we are all in this together and that the country needs to suffer austerity which is the biggest lie on the planet because these party leaders know full well that the Government can print their own (OUR) money with NO debt and simply spend it on the infrastructure of this country CREATING jobs and apprenticeships etc instead of giving OUR money away to the Elite Private Bankers, Royalty and Vatican etc for FREE in exchange for massive debt plus interest and then taxing you to pay back this debt that we NEVER borrowed in the first place - all the tax you pay cannot even meet the interest never mind the debt in this scam now. The government has NO need to tax you on anything if they simply printed their (OUR) own money. Go check out the Bradbury Pound for one way of doing this here:

Now all of these party leaders and politicians know about the massive fraud above and the Bradbury Pound or printing our OWN money (and the massive institutionalised paedophilia problem) so just look at the utter bare-faced lies coming out of Douglas Alexander and Johann Lamont's mouths in this video when they were here in Paisley last week:

Oh Dear! We also have our resident village idiot Labour Councillor Terry Kelly - who thinks he is educated and intelligent by the way - spouting his ignorant drivel whilst shafting the people who voted for him and the people of this country. Of course this clown has not got a clue about anything - just like his other fellow councillors - but check out his drivel for yourself here

Who are you kidding Douglas Alexander, Johann Lamont and Terry Kelly? Better Together? You TREASONOUS scum just like the rest of the politicians in the parties above involved in all of this fraud and corruption against the people of this country and world. Yes Councillor Kelly there is going to be a bloodbath - thousands of poor, sick and elderly people dying in this country every year because of the "austerity" and cut backs brought in by your party and carried on by this coalition government all because of the TREASONOUS fraud, corruption and FAKE wars and terrorism and genocide carried out by and covered up by your parties being exposed below by Professor George Lees, George Bowden and John Paterson who is one of the over 600,000 people from Abel Danger http://www.abeldanger.net/ all over the world investigating all of this treason and fraud etc being perpetrated against the people - this is now going global so we will see who are going to be the victims of the bloodbath Councillor Kelly. Come on you smart arse liars let the world hear your excuses for all of the fraud and corruption etc being exposed in the videos below and why you think that we are "Better Together" in this corrupt TREASONOUS cesspit?

Here is the REAL reason our corrupt Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond are FAKING the ISIS SCAM beheadings in order to start WW3 - to hide the sheer scale of the fraud and corruption operating out of Westminster and the House of Lords etc mentioned above. In this video George reveals that since they exposed the fact that there are 1300 Islam companies trading under the ISIS name, most of which are geo-political manipulators, they have been forced to change the name of the FAKE "terrorist" group to ISIL etc and they also expose how they operate of Aberdeen in Scotland which is a training hub for ethnic terrorism and how all of the main TV stations have been bought up to put out all of this FAKE news and also the historical involvement of the religions:

Watch the following videos and be shocked at the MASSIVE scale of the corruption being carried out against the people of this country and world. How privatisation is just a massive scam to rob us of our wealth and resources - you have NO choice when it comes to energy companies because they are all just the one single company. Watch to see how they are making you work longer before you get your pension because they have been laundering all of the money out of the pension funds and how they are forcing everyone to take out a private pension now as well because of this which they will end up stealing as well. How they have been laundering all of the money out of the banks and then getting the tax-payers to bail them out with "loans" that have also been getting laundered out of the back door and how they are laundering all of our money out of the country's treasury and how they have been doing this to every other country especially the EU - Countries like Ireland, Greece etc that are the basket cases they are because of all of this aided by their own crooked politicians and how this country is going the same way. How the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics etc are just huge scams laundering £billions out of the countries as well. Learn how the massive overspend on the Scottish Parliament was a deliberate scam to launder the tax-payers money just like Edinburgh Tram Fiasco and all of the Private Finance Initiatives which are designed by these crooked politicians, bankers etc to rook the tax-payers and how it is all covered up by a crooked justice system  and senior police - all satanic paedophile masons whoring against humanity - and a corrupt controlled media:

Lots more videos from Professor George Lees exposing what these crooks are up to here: 

Link to Professor George Lees website with lots of excellent information here:

Watch the following video where Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group explains how they are going to take all of the banks to the Queens Bench Common Law Court - all of the other courts being corrupt and based on fraud and deception - to get them to return every single penny of interest they have conned out of everyone who has bought a house. Another part of this massive fraud by these Elite Bankers, Royalty and the Vatican above with the connivance of all of the political parties. These banks never lent you a single penny of your mortgage and have charged massive interest on that NOTHING which is illegal:

In the following two videos the excellent Santos Bonacci explains how the Vatican originally created this SYSTEM using TRUSTS where your Birth Certificate is your slave bond used to trade you on the Stock Exchange making £billions for these Elites and as a result of this everything in this SYSTEM is actually pre-paid - when you get a statement from your gas or electricity etc company they have already been paid from your trust and they are trying to get you to pay again - they are DOUBLE DIPPING you. In the second video Santos has amassed fines of $129,000 for refusing to pay tolls on a road built from the same scam as exposed by Professor George Lees etc above and he explains how he will, and does pay off, this fine using PROMISSORY NOTES which cost him a total of $1 for a postage stamp:

In this video Karen Hudes a former World Bank lawyer and whistleblower also exposes the fact that it is the Vatican/Jesuits that control all of the world's banks, and everything else,  and that is where the vast majority of all our taxes and money goes to:

Now Alex Salmond and the SNP knew all about the massive fraud and corruption exposed by Professor George Lees etc above, plus the fact that we can print our own money with no debt etc and if he had used all of this information he would have won this referendum with a huge majority that would have made it impossible for anyone to have fixed the vote by fraud as seems to have happened. You have got to wonder why none of this was used or then again maybe not with regard to the Hollie Greig case and cover up, as per previous posts, but again that involves all of the other parties as well or is it just simply that he was another puppet of these Elites?

Now is your opportunity SNP you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain - Get every single person in the party behind this and expose all of this to everyone in the country. Explain to everyone that this is why their pension funds are collapsing. Why their food bills are rocketing. Why their power bills are rocketing by 20% every year. Why their jobs are being lost in the Colleges, Universities, Police, Health Service etc - in fact all jobs. Why jobs are being privatised into these corrupt scumbags companies in order to rob the tax-paying public even more. Why the banks are collapsing. Why there is no money in the treasury and the country is bankrupt etc. There are not going to be many people left supporting the Labour, Tory and Lib-Dem parties when they find out how much these parties have been involved in all of this corruption that has caused so much misery, death and suffering in this country and world. By exposing all of this SNP you will be awakening the rest of the country and world to what these crooked scum are up to.

As I have explained above there is NO need for any of this austerity or cut backs etc but these TREASONOUS corrupt scum are going to continue to carry on with all of this until they have brought everyone down to the same poor and reliant on the government level to get everyone desperate enough to agree to their New World Order - One World Government. These psychopaths are now in a desperate rush to get their NWO agenda in place because they have been exposed and because there are now millions of people more than there are of them, awake to what they are up to, they are going to try and start WW3 to cover up for their crimes. Time for everyone to get together like the people of Iceland did to deal with these corrupt politicians, Elite Bankers etc while we still can.. Pass this on with all of the links to Professor George Lees etc to let the world know the TRUTH about what is really going on - Your kids future depends on it and it is not just going to go away by ignoring it - As Santos Bonacci says above time for you to reclaim and stand up for your own Sovereignty - no one else will.

Better Together? How the People Are Being Robbed Of ALL Of Their Wealth And Resources By The Elites And The Labour, Tory And Lib-Dem Parties! The Real Reason These Scum Are Gunning For WW3!


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