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British Government, Police, Judiciary And Establishment Corruption In Action! - Journalist Chris Spivey Harrassed And Illegally Found Guilty To Stop Him Exposing More Of The Governments Involvement In The Treasonous FAKE Lee Rigby Murder HOAX! Are They Going To Put Him In Jail To Murder Him? Lets See What Our Useless Politicians Do About This Corrupt Judge And Fellow Scum!

My! My! How the press and media and the Government are not getting their own way now with regard to the lies and propaganda bullshit that they are putting out any more as has been shown big time with the totally corrupt Chris Spivey Lee Rigby HOAX kangaroo court case where even his barrister was saying he was going to be found guilty before the case had even started as even he could see how they were being corrupt and stitching Chris up - the Crown Prosecution Service making sure that the people accusing Chris for the minor crime of harrassment are kept away from the court because they would be committing perjury by repeating their totally false allegations in the court - Chris having all of the EVIDENCE to prove otherwise - and the totally corrupt Judge Woollard upholding this thus denying Chris his right to a fair trial and breaching his Human Rights to boot as Chris's barrister cannot cross examine witness statements that were totally illegal and not signed etc as explained by Chris outside Chelmsford Magistrates Court on the first day of his trial :

Now this simple harrassment charge if it had been real should not have warranted a Judge - only a Magistrate -but this totally corrupt Judge was put in there to do a job and that was to find Chris guilty - as I have said above he refused to allow the witnesses to be in court to be cross-examined, looked at these peoples illegal, unsigned and corrupt witness statements and Chris's EVIDENCE to the contrary plus his EVIDENCE that totally proves that this entire Lee Rigby murder drivel was a HOAX on the people of this country and world. Lee Rigby did not exist and these people making these complaints are fake as well as he exposed on his website and shows in the video above. These people are CRISIS ACTORS some of who have taken psrt in other HOAXES such as the Glasgow Bin Lorry HOAX which was also exposed by Chris - see previous post.

Anyone who still does not believe that this is a HOAX and that our government would not do this just has to go and watch the video interviews of Dr Judy Wood over at the right hand side of this site. Dr Wood took the US Government and over 20 US Companies all the way up to the Supreme Court for putting out LIES with regard to 9/11 and the mainstream media were SILENT about this in all the years that this went on and still are today - Wake Up! Here is Chris in the following video explaining some of the facts of this Lee Rigby HOAX from way before his court case and unfortunately you cannot see all of his evidence on his website just now because this corrupt Prosecutor and Judge have ordered him to remove it from there but it has been saved by thousands of people from all over the world including myself and passed around to many other people for safekeeping :

As I have said at the beginning of this post there is an amazing shift going on now with the mainstream media and government not getting away with their lies and propaganda even though the newspapers and tv did their usual rabid hatchet job on Chris on behalf of the Government/Establishment as you can see by this link here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3180080/Conspiracy-theorist-claimed-Lee-Rigby-s-murder-hoax-terrified-family-publishing-addresses-online.html

and here http://www.essexchronicle.co.uk/Conspiracy-theorist-claimed-Lee-Rigby-murder-hoax/story-27521796-detail/story.html and there are other "news"paper accounts online for anyone wishing to turn their brain to mush and become a zombie by reading them. Of course as you can see with these reports these "news"papers just do a character assassination on Chris spewing out the one-sided drivel that the government and media wants you to believe but they do not actually present any of Chris's EVIDENCE to the contrary especially any of the EVIDENCE he had on his website because if they had it would have shown you all how much they the mainstream media and government have lied to you and how much they are all involved in this HOAX.

Now these "news"papers that allow comments usually have them monitored to make sure only comments that agree with their narrative get published and they ban people trying to put the counter view - usually known as the TRUTH - forward in their comments as this would show up their lack of any real investigative journalism any more - them being the ones spreading Conspiracy Theories and people like Chris Spivey exposing what they should actually be doing - the TRUTH. As has been shown big style here with their reporting of this case against Chris they are losing the war on TRUTH as was shown by the fact that the Mail Online had to remove their slanderous report about Chris because of the massive amount of people not falling for or believing their bullshit in the comments was swamping the usual rabid loonies who believe all of the drivel they read in these rags and who cry out for lynching etc without going to check the FACTS or research things for themselves. They slightly rewrote their drivel and put it back up and allowed a few comments through supporting them again and then stopped any futher comments to try and counter that as per the above Mail Online link but even that did not work as the people red arrowing their drivel with regard to Chris's case and EVIDENCE swamped the ignorant rabid loonies again as shown here :

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What is happening in this case against Chris is highlighting the fact that we do not and never have lived in a democracy and is showing everyone what is just a tiny snippet of what life is going to be for the people of this country and world if these Elites get away with their New World Order agenda - so serious in fact that the excellent Ian R Crane rescheduled his Insanity vs Humanity programme to highlight this case as you can watch here :

This legal system is a huge corrupt money making racket being run unlawfully under the Vatican Admiralty Law system designed to protect the Elites and their totally corrupt and controlled political and financial systems and to make sure that the ordinary person cannot get access to real justice and even then the corrupt Police, Crown Prosecution Service and Judge have totally ignored their own rules in their corrupt system in order to try and silence Chris from exposing the TRUTH about the TREASON and Inciting Violence against the Muslim people as a pretext for bombing and invading the Muslim countries and as an excuse for bringing in a Police State DICTATORSHIP that our Government is involved in along with the Royalty, Secret Services, Police and the rest of the establishment. These corrupt people are using YOUR money to hammer ordinary people like Chris, not only to enrich themselves, but to bring the full power of their corrupt "laws" to bear on people like him and stopping him from being able to defend himself with an equal footing.

The lawful and correct system that our countries should be running is the Common Law system where there would be no need to waste £billions every year on lawyers etc who do NOT represent their clients in this corrupt system anyway because they are part of and represent this corrupt system. All civil cases including this case with Chris should be before a Queens Bench with a Jury where each side presents their EVIDENCE and represents themselves with no lawyers etc and the Judge only being there to administer the court and the Jury decides the outcome based on the EVIDENCE and agrees the compensation sought for damages. This would be much cheaper than the present corrupt system as most cases would be decided or abandoned before getting anywhere near a court - The FAKE actors in this False Flag SCAM would have certainly never have dared take this anywhere near a court themselves in this lawful system. Millions would be saved each year also by getting rid of the Corrupt Crown Prosecution Service/Procurator Fiscals and Lord Advocates etc and replacing them with Peoples Grand Juries to look at all of the EVIDENCE and deciding whether prosecutions etc should go ahead or not instead of these corrupt puppets who just carry out unlawful arrests and prosecutions against people like Chris who have committed NO crime apart from expose their TREASON and CORRUPTION. The good thing is there are people all over the country now setting up these Grand Juries to hold these people to account and there millions of people all over the world waking up to all of their corrupt scams.

As usual you will find the link between these people involved in this unlawful harrassment and dispicable fake trial of Chris is the Freemasons - the USEFUL IDIOTS club of the Elites to find people who are willing to whore away against their own families, friends and humanity on behalf of their wee Satanic Paedophile cult which is what this organisation is with most of the members of that too thick to realise this - where the level of lies they are told is related to how far down the Degrees they are in this organisation and where the vast majority of them never get above the 3rd Degree never mind anywhere near the 33rd where the most useful of these USEFUL IDIOTS are to be found. It is a disgrace that our country like every other one is run and manipulated by a few thousand of these corrupt scum who control every Political Party, Police, Judiciary, Civil Service, Unions etc and who are involved in this "terrorism" scam and all of the Paedophilia and Fraud and Corruption going on in this country and others that they are trying and failing to cover up for just now and which is bringing our countries to their knees as exposed by Professor George Lees, Gordon Bowden and John Paterson as per previous posts and links at the right hand side of this site.

Now Chris is someone who does get of his ass to make this world a better place for his kids and grandkids by exposing the corruption being carried out by our Government/Elites etc and someone else who has done so by being one of the people who has exposed our governments etc involvement in the 7/7 London Bombings - Dr Nick Kollerstrom - his excellent book about this is linked to above - another person kicked out from his job in academia for exposing this crime just like Dr Judy Wood was with 9/11 - went to the Courts of Justice to hand in a letter on the afternoon of Wednesday 12th August 2015 in support of Chris along with a lot of other supporters including Chris himself. Nick explains the reasons for this letter outling this corrupt case and the consequences of this for everyone else in this country here :

Here is a copy of the letter handed in by Nick for you all to read and copy and send to your local MP and everyone else you can think of to highlight what is going on here with this corrupt affront to justice and to help put a stop to this before it affects every one of us in this country and world :

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There are thousands of people all over this country and world now fighting against this corrupt system and millions of people are awake to what is going on with more and more awakening each day so all of you people who are not interested in what is really going on or do know and just want to bury your head in the sand because you let your fear get in the way of doing something about it all then it is your fault that these corrupt people are getting away with all of these things and it is this that these corrupt crooks rely on to get away with everything that they are up to plus they are using YOUR money to enable them to carry all of this out. If you want a better future for your kids get rid of your TVs and "news"papers and start using your brains and research things for yourself otherwise there is not going to be any future for your kids as these people create their New World Order - One World Government DICTATORSHIP for themselves. That is what this FAKE Lee Rigby "terrorist" murder and all FAKE "terrorism" and FAKE debt/austerity etc being carried out by our governments and political parties is all about. You can read exactly what has happened to Chris in his own words at his site in the Recommended Sites box at the right hand side of this page.

Chris has appealed this decision so it will be interesting to see if this is corruptly handled as well. I have emailed every single Scottish MP and MSP and Local Councillor as well to see what they are going to do about this travesty of justice. The SNP MP's are already proclaiming themselves a force for power or whatever but I will claim just now, since they used to call the 50 Scottish Labour MP's this - that they are and will be the Feeble 56 - all talk and no action - and will discover soon enough that they are useless puppets in a controlled system. You can read what I have sent here :

British Government Treason And Corruption In Action.

Dear Politician,

I have already emailed most of you in the past about the Lee Rigby Woolwich murder HOAX carried out by this corrupt government, Secret Services and Police etc and the harassment and unlawful arrest of the journalist Chris Spivey for exposing this as a TREASONOUS Hoax by the above agencies.

I am now writing to inform you that they have taken Chris to court using made up allegations of harassment by people who are not who they say they are, the totally corrupt CPS and Judge conspired to make sure that these FAKE people did not appear in court so that they could be cross examined by Chris's Barrsister, the corrupt Judge has totally ignored Chris's EVIDENCE that proves that he never harassed these people and that they are NOT who they say they are, the Judge decided that Chris was guilty based on these accusers unsigned witness statements which constitutes as heresay evidence so should not have even been considered in court, found Chris guilty for a crime he has not even been charged by the police for, who carried out an illegal arrest and search of Chris's house and who illegally stole Chris's computers etc all without warrants etc. The Corrupt Judge refused Chris and his Barrister's appeal to get these accusers into court so that they could be cross-examined totally against the interests of justice and Chris's human rights. This corrupt Judge - this case should not have merited a Judge but he was put in to get the result this corrupt treasonous government wants - has ordered Chris to take all of the evidence that exposes this hoax and this government etc's involvement in it down and is threatening Chris with jail for which this case does NOT warrant to shut him up as he has lots more EVIDENCE about this and their involvement. Chris has appealed this decision so it will be interesting to see how this goes as the people will have to appear in court then in front of a jury - it will be interesting to see if you help make this happen.

The corrupt police and CPS have also charged Chris with having indecent images on his computer - illegally stolen from him - which are actually legal images off the web which he used to EXPOSE paedophilia by the establishment including a Led Zeppelin album cover and an image owned by Elton John etc and are going to take him to court regarding these as well.

Millions of people are waking up to what is going on here and everywhere else in the world now and there are thousands of people now taking direct action to bring everyone to justice for what they are up to in this country just now and in many other countries. You can read about and watch Chris speak about case at this link here :


I would like to know what YOU are going to do about this case and put a stop to it as Chris and many people believe that they are going to put him into jail in order to murder him in order to silence him This case and the FAKE Lee Rigby "terrorism" scam affects everyone in this country and is part of the other scams being carried out in this country including the totally FAKE debt/austerity scam that is laundering all of our money out of the treasury etc into the off shore accounts of these Elites, politicians involved which is causing great hardship for the people of this country and also for those Muslim countries affected by these terrorist HOAXES and who are also getting their gold, money and resources stolen by the same people behind all these scams.

Billy Carlin

British Government, Police, Judiciary And Establishment Corruption In Action! - Journalist Chris Spivey Harrassed And Illegally Found Guilty To Stop Him Exposing More Of The Governments Involvement In The Treasonous FAKE Lee Rigby Murder HOAX! Are They Going To Put Him In Jail To Murder Him? Lets See What Our Useless Politicians Do About This Corrupt Judge And Fellow Scum!


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say what you will about Spivey everyman has the right to be wrong or a fool without being arrested and jailed by the state

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Fuck the nwo!